This article explains how we help clients who are sued under a contract we created and how we help clients without a contract we created.



Strong contracts are essential in business. The obligation of each party to perform services, provide goods, or pay for goods or services must be clearly laid out for both parties in legal business contracts. Terms and conditions outlining what happens when things do not go according to plan and conflicts arise help both parties involved in the contract protect their interests. We encounter all kinds of legal claims and know companies are sued for many reasons. Whether a business has a sound operating agreement in place or not we help clients build a strong case to defend their business interests.

At Business Legal Management, our experienced business attorneys handle a variety of cases across industries and state lines. Our clients are protected with the knowledge of attorneys familiar with business laws and regulations in all 50 states. We advise clients through all stages of contract formation to create the best protections for business interests. Our attorneys formulate contracts with financial damage caps built into the agreement if things go wrong. When necessary, we also represent clients through all phases of litigation.


Two Examples

Business Legal Management recently helped a client with a trade name dispute. This business was a new client for us and was operating under an agreement created by another group. The company was sued for using the same name as another company in the industry.  We were able to help the client by doing fact-finding on the limitations of intellectual property law used in that industry. The case took a while to resolve since they did not have the protections our team creates in our business contracts. 

Another client contacted us when their business was sued by a contractor. Our team crafted the operating agreement between the company and the contractor and was familiar with the contract details. Our business attorneys referred the business to the exact page and section of the contract that outlined the process for suing the business and the steps for litigation. The company was protected because of the prearranged protections of the contract.

How Long Does it Take to Resolve a Legal Suit?

Companies are sued for a variety of reasons. Some common causes for litigation against a business are wrongful termination, employee issues, violating the terms of a contract by not doing the job, and not delivering goods or services in a quality manner or in the time it was expected. Many businesses wonder how long it takes to resolve a case that goes to court if they are sued. 

The 1993 baseball film “The Sandlot” best answers this question. “FOR-EV-ER!” If your business is sued you can expect it to take a while to resolve. Cases with strong contracts in place or that are unreasonable can be and often are thrown out quickly. Some cases take months to resolve while others take years and even decades.



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