We are a company dedicated to helping and protecting the clients we serve and the businesses they represent. Too often, business owners are blindsided by legal issues that, without the right guidance, could easily disrupt or destroy the business they have worked so hard to build.

Our Principal Consultants have all been CEOs and/or Founders of major business enterprises. Many have also been Chief Legal Officers. We act as your partner and guide, helping you manage lawyers, budgets, and legal objectives. With decades of strategic experience, we can help you grow, avoid pitfalls and capitalize on opportunities other companies miss – allowing you to focus on what you really want to do, grow your business!

Business Legal Management’s members have been CEOs or C-Suite executives in successful companies, they have supervised and managed issues involving hundreds of millions of dollars, and negotiated countless business opportunities. This is the only place to put that kind of experience on your management team for a graduated fixed subscription pricing model that you can afford.

Meet The Team

George B. Brunt


George Brunt has over 40 years of business and legal experience advising both large and small companies. After representing Alcatel, Citicorp, International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT) in the General Counsel position and serving as Of Counsel to Greenberg Traurig, a leading international law firm, he founded Business Legal Management LLC.

Mr. Brunt built the multimillion dollar companies of Controldocs.com (now known as iControl ESI) and PBW Holdings Inc., and owns several Paul Mitchell Schools.

B. Joseph Wadsworth


Mr. Wadsworth has nearly 20 years of experience providing internal and external corporate counsel services to companies, managing complex legal affairs, and building and managing businesses. He has particular expertise in managing business and legal matters in Japan.  He is licensed to practice law in the State of Idaho.​ Prior to co-founding Business Legal Management, Mr. Wadsworth served as Corporate Counsel at Morinda, Inc., a nutritional supplement company in Utah and as General Counsel of Genesis Pure Inc., in Texas, both of which are multimillion dollar companies. 

John J. Kendrick Jr.

Senior Legal Advisor

In his nearly half century as a lawyer, Mr. Kendrick has extensive background in private legal practice and as a business owner.  This experience includes banking and financial institutions as well as real estate, litigation, corporate, and securities activities of major private and publicly held corporations.  He is well versed in regulatory and operating aspects of many areas of business. In addition, he built and managed a multimillion dollar bank and has participated in the development of a number of other successful businesses. 

Stephen J. Hill

Senior Legal Advisor

Over the past decade, Steve has represented hundreds of property owners in California and Utah on claims against power companies for wildfire damage.  He has also tried a diversity of business cases and medical malpractice cases, and argued several cases in the Utah Supreme Court and Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.  He organized and was co-lead counsel for the legal team that brought the landmark antitrust case against Microsoft.  Steve was co-founder of the Ragnar Relay Series, the world’s largest running relay series, and served as President and CEO of Linux Networx, a supercomputing company.  The depth of Steve’s experience allows him to provide thoughtful and creative business advice. 

Zackary F. Williamson

CEO & Principal Consultant

Mr. Williamson is the new CEO of Business Legal Management.  Zackary has had experience as an HR Business Partner in the software industry as well as a Global Product Marketing Manager in Healthcare devices. In the consulting world, Zackary was part of the leadership team at a boutique consulting firm in Utah and worked with several multi-million dollar companies. With this background and his Master’s of Business Administration from the Marriott School of Management, Zackary gives in-the-trenches advice for his clients who are looking for the best way to grow and develop their business

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