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We are a company dedicated to helping and protecting the clients we serve and the businesses they represent. Too often, business owners are blindsided by legal issues that, without the right guidance, could easily disrupt or destroy the business they have worked so hard to build.

Some Testimonials

We are thrilled with the services we receive from Business Legal Management LLC.  It is great to have former CEOs as business counselors and we have used the included legal hours with Business Legal Management on a regular basis. They have proved invaluable.  Jessica is very responsive and we have been pleased with everything they have done for us.

Donna Waite


I have used Business Legal Management LLC at two of my former companies.  Business Legal Management services proved invaluable to me as they counseled me on a weekly basis.  CEO’s seldom have people with the experience and background of Business Legal Management principal consultants as they face decisions critical to their business.  We also used the included hours from Business Law Group and found them to be knowledgeable,  timely and cost effective

Bill Meissner


Business Legal Management provided extensive consulting services for my MLM company.  Their experience proved of great worth to me.  I found their monthly subscription model to be far more cost effective for our business, even as we approached $100M in sales.

Daren Hogge


Why Choose Business Legal Management?

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Tech Start-Ups

Business Legal Management is offering a special program to Start-Up Technology Companies. With a background in emerging technologies we are uniquely qualified to help you position your company for a successful future!

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Business Counsel

Is your company getting to the size and scale where you are thinking it would be good to have a consulting partner focusing on potential or existing issues? Business Legal Management can help ease that burden at an unbeatable price!

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The benefit of having an experienced          legal expert that will help you       manage your business issues is an     invaluable addition to your business           and will help you stand out as a       successful and savvy franchisee.

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