How Business Legal Management Helps When You Are Sued

This article explains how we help clients who are sued under a contract we created and how we help clients without a contract we created.   Contracts Strong contracts are essential in business. The obligation of each party to perform services, provide goods, or...

Legal Claims – How To Defend Your Company Against Them

This article explains what to do when a claim is filed against your business and when claims are useful to protect your business. Someone is suing your company. What do you do now? How can you beat the claim against the company? When a legal suit is brought against a...

Non-Compete Clause and Non-Disclosure Agreements – What are they? Why are they used?

This article explains why companies use non-compete clauses and non-disclosure agreements and the reasonable terms and conditions surrounding them. Most businesses feel they have a special product or service to offer. Every company wants to protect whatever advantage...


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